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Gas Prices Steadying Decline After Volatile Weeks

Gas prices continued to fall across the country, with the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report listing the national average for regular at $2.52 on Thursday, 5 cents less than a week ago.

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Regular is now 13 cents lower than a month ago, when prices shot up in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. At $3.05, premium gas is 6 cents lower than a month ago, but diesel fuel, at $2.73, is 6 cents higher. The national average for premium fell 3 cents this past week; diesel was unchanged.

Among states with the biggest week-over-week declines were Georgia, Michigan and Ohio, where regular dropped 8 cents; and Indiana, which saw a 10-cent decline. For Georgia, it was the third week in a row that prices fell, but in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, prices had jumped up the previous week.

Here's a glance at what was happening elsewhere this week:

  • Delaware has had the biggest decline over the past month. The average price for regular has dropped 38 cents to $2.32.
  • Missouri had the lowest average price for regular on Thursday at $2.24, followed by Oklahoma at $2.25 and Arkansas at $2.29.
  • Hawaii was the most expensive state, with regular averaging $3.11. California was next at $3.08, and Alaska was third highest at $3.01.

Oil prices had climbed in recent weeks after hurricanes struck the Gulf Coast and Caribbean, but the market reversed course this week. U.S. oil was trading at around $50 per barrel early Thursday, about where it was two weeks ago.