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Mitsubishi Electric SUV Concept Puts 'E' in Evolution

Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept

— Seven months after it slapped a storied performance nameplate on a compact SUV, Mitsubishi is back at the crossover push. The latest effort is the e-Evolution Concept, which — in case you hadn't noticed — dispatches another hallowed moniker on another apparent SUV.

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It's an aggressive-looking SUV at that, with an electric drivetrain and four-wheel drive. The Japanese automaker released a teaser image of the e-Evolution Concept, which depicts low-slung proportions, a steeply raked rear window and three-pointed taillights that arch partway up the rear pillars. Mitsubishi will reveal the car, which it calls an "all-new flagship concept," at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Press days are Oct. 25-26, so expect more details around then.

If the e-Evolution Concept becomes a production SUV, it's a good bet U.S. shoppers will have a crack at it given stateside popularity for the body style. It would mark Mitsubishi's fourth such vehicle, landing somewhere amid the Outlander, Outlander Sport and forthcoming Eclipse Cross. (Next up: the 3000GT VR3-Row!)

All this could breathe new life into a Japanese automaker that's recovering from a gas-mileage scandal for its Japanese-market vehicles in 2016. Nissan holds the current reins at Mitsubishi, having purchased a controlling stake in the automaker last year for some $2.2 billion.