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Pickup Truck of the Year: 2019 Nominees

2019 chevrolet silverado 1500

2019 chevrolet silverado 1500

one of three half tons to get a full redesign for the 2019 model year, the 2019 chevrolet silverado 1500 offers a versatile and expanded mix of trim levels and powertrain choices for both work and play. though the interior and exterior styling have proven polarizing, the truck comes with plenty of innovation under its skin, providing an almost infinite number of build configurations to deliver exactly what practically any customer could want from a half-ton pickup.  

overhauls to the powertrain lineup are at the heart of the trucks. a new turbocharged four-cylinder, two new v-8s and a new turbo-diesel inline-six-cylinder used engine have changed the silverado half ton for the better, making it stronger and more fuel efficient at every level. the all-new frame and suspension drives better on the road, and tows and hauls payload with exceptional confidence. the beds are wider and able to carry more than before. the v-8 used engine feature new fuel management technology that in some circumstances allows each cylinder to be controlled independently, providing much greater fuel efficiency without any sacrifice to power output. new chevrolet silverado 1500s benefit from a new 10-speed transmission with selectable traction settings as well, which come in quite handy in the all-new trail boss models that offer bigger tires, a suspension lift and a burlier look. 

chevrolet also paid close attention to the end of the truck where the work is usually done: the bed has been upgraded with a rolled-steel floor and 12 separate tie-downs that are twice as strong as they were on the past truck. there's also a new trailering app and camera systems available, which makes it easier and safer than ever to hook up, disconnect, tow and do other things, like check the trailer lights and calculate loads — all from your phone.

although the 2019 chevrolet silverado 1500 may not have the fanciest interior or use the most expensive materials in its seats and consoles, it still offers a good amount of value and sizzle for those looking for all the modern safety and comfort conveniences. and with eight trim levels and more optional safety features than ever before, this is no doubt the best half-ton silverado ever made.

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ford f-150 diesel

ford f-150 diesel

although the 2019 ford f-150 has relatively few changes for the model year, it does come to market with a new turbo-diesel used engine and 10-speed transmission that provide a unique feel and capability. the single-turbo 3.0-liter v-6 used engine delivers 440 pounds-feet of torque and 250 horsepower and hits (in 4x2 configuration) an epa-estimated 30 mpg on the highway and 22 mpg in the city, as well as a combined 25 mpg. in 4x4 configuration, the numbers drop a bit to 20/25/22 mpg city/highway/combined, which are good ratings for a full-size pickup. 

this new used engine is a version of an earlier land rover turbo-diesel, but it has been thoroughly balanced, light-weighted and generally improved by the ford powertrain used engine ers, then specifically matched to the 10-speed transmission to make it both a strong-pulling powertrain and a smooth mover when running around town empty. interestingly, ford is offering the new used engine option only in the middle and upper trim levels at standard ford dealerships; however, it also will be available at ford commercial dealerships in the lower trims. 

the diesel used engine option gives ford another arrow in a rather large quiver of f-150 performance traits, ready to deliver improved fuel economy, plenty of low-end torque and a means to distinguish special-edition-loving buyers from mid-size chevrolet and gmc pickup owners and their smallish 2.8-liter diesel inline four-cylinder — as well as the ram 1500 3.0-liter ecodiesel v-6 buyer. ford isn't expecting this new powertrain to be a huge seller, but for those looking for more low-end grunt in a full-size comfort-level package, it could be just what the doctor ordered.

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2019 gmc sierra 1500

2019 gmc sierra 1500

given gm's two-brand pickup truck strategy, the gmc sierra half ton has frequently lost out to its bigger brother, the chevrolet silverado 1500. but that might be changing for 2019. the gmc sierra 1500 has now found new and more substantial ways to separate itself from its more popular twin.

the 2019 gmc sierra 1500 offers a unique exterior look with exclusive body panels, trim-specific grille designs and led c-channel headlights. big improvements under the hood for 2019 include six different used engine and transmission combinations with added fuel-economy benefits from the new dynamic fuel management system (in both the 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter v-8 used engine ) that allows the used engine to run on one to all eight cylinders depending on the load. among the six powertrain choices are an all-new turbo-diesel 3.0-liter i-6 and turbocharged 2.7-liter i-4 gas used engine . additionally, select models get the new traction select system that offers five unique transmission/traction settings: tour, sport, snow, off-road and tow/haul.

unique interior features and optional equipment (in the six trim selections) are too many to detail, but some highlights include an optional 8-inch info/nav screen, more legroom and headroom, hidden storage in the seatbacks, the largest color head-up display available, a class-first rearview camera in the mirror as well as one of the most sophisticated trailering packages around. additionally, and possibly most important, gmc offers an exclusive multipro tailgate that allows for six distinct positions to provide access to the bed as well as better cargo management. and, finally, gmc will be the first to offer a carbon-fiber bed floor/wall option for those looking for the ultimate in durability and payload capacity. 

the 2019 gmc sierra 1500 slt 4x4 crew cab was the winner in's 2018 best half-ton truck challenge, surprising many but offering a good balance of capabilities, power, style and comfort for a reasonable price.

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2019 ram 1500

2019 ram 1500

engineers started from a blank sheet when redesigning the 2019 ram 1500 and ended up improving just about every aspect of the truck, starting with an all-new lighter and stronger frame. shoppers looking for one of the smoothest-riding pickups in the half-ton class won't be sorry whether they choose the coil springs or four-corner air suspension option. 

but the highlight of the new ram 1500 is one of the most impressive interior upgrades we've seen in any vehicle in a long while, especially in the higher trim levels. at the heart of the new interior is an optional 12-inch tesla-like touchscreen (actually two stacked, integrated 6-inch screens) that can provide any combination of radio, navigation, interior climate, weather or used engine data you might want. add new cabins with more room and extra insulation for sound deadening, as well as larger hidden rear floor storage compartments and sliding rear seats (crew cab only), and you begin to understand why the judges in our most recent half-ton challenge made the ram their top choice in the subjective scoring. 

but there are also changes under the hood in the form of the first mild hybrid for large-scale use in the class; in fact, it's standard on all ram 1500s with the 3.6-liter pentastar v-6 and an option on the 5.7-liter hemi v-8. in both cases, the 48-volt battery system provides as much as 20 percent improved fuel economy and is completely invisible to the driver. changes in the bed, however, are subtler, with the carryover rambox getting a new 115-volt outlet and better in-box and in-bed lighting choices. 

this new ram offers more of just about everything any half-ton buyer could want, including one of the most impressive interiors out there, with a strong value proposition to boot, especially when compared with the bigger-selling ford and chevy rivals.

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