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What Does It Cost to Fill Up a 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class?

2019 mercedes-benz cla250

another week, another drop in pump prices for most american motorists. lower prices have eased concerns among consumers who don't drive fuel-efficient vehicles or need to pump premium gas, which 11 weeks ago was more than $4 in some areas. now, it is less than $3 in many parts of the country. that could boost interest in cars such as the 2019 mercedes-benz cla250, an entry-level sedan that requires premium fuel.

the cla250 uses a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder used engine that produces 208 horsepower and requires premium. the cla250 has combined city/highway fuel economy estimates of 29 mpg with front-wheel drive and 27 mpg with all-wheel drive. with the national average of $2.96 for premium, here is what it would cost to fill the cla250's 14.8-gallon tank based on prices posted thursday by the aaa daily fuel gauge report:

  • at the national average of $2.96 for premium, filling the tank from empty would be $43.81.
  • in hawaii, premium was $3.72, the highest in the nation. filling up a cla-class there would cost you $55.06.
  • in kansas, where the average price of premium was $2.49 to easily average as the cheapest in the nation this past week, the bill would drop to $36.85.

the national average for regular gas, meanwhile, fell 4 cents the past week to $2.36, the 11th week in a row it has declined, according to aaa. premium gas fell 3 cents, and diesel also fell 3 cents to $3.06.

pump prices are falling along with oil prices, which dropped to their lowest level in 15 months this week. u.s. oil was trading at less than $47 per barrel early thursday, down 38 percent since early october. pump prices fell in most states the past week, and the biggest declines were 10 cents in michigan and 11 cents in hawaii and idaho.

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several states could soon join missouri in the under-$2 club, barring an uptick in oil prices. average prices for regular on thursday were $2.03 in mississippi and oklahoma; $2.02 in alabama, arkansas and texas; and $2.01 in south carolina. even with a double-digit decline the past week, hawaii still had the highest average price for regular, $3.46, though that was only 4 cents more than california.

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