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Looking for Used BMW Engines but having difficulties in finding the right choice? Then you need to visit Auto Used Engines as we are the pioneer in providing all kinds of used engines but we are known for selling best Remanufactured BMW Engines. In order to provide best possible assistance to our customers we always thrive to maintain the authenticity and high efficiency in all our products. Even as our customer you will experience best after-sales experience that we claim no other supplier can offer you.

Since the decade of 1930’s BMW is known for manufacturing different kinds of auto engines that makes it one of the best German automaker. You will find both diesel and gasoline versions in BMW engines besides their iconic creation of straight 6 engine.

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History of BMW Engines

BMW 303 mid-size sedan is the one that carried the first straight 6 engine that was launched in year 1933. It is known for giving the output of thirty horsepower along the displacement of1.2 litres. It becomes quite famous as a M78 model name. Since then BMW has marked almost every decade of 19th and 20th century by designing and developing numerous different kinds of engines.

Types of used BMW Engine for sale by our company

Today if you look around then you will find two categories in BMW engines that are quite popular throughout the auto industry and that are diesel and twin turbo gasoline models.

At Auto Used Engines we know the utter importance and quality aspects of BMW engines that is why our experts always thrive to work around the clock so that they can provide you used BMW engine in appreciable condition so that you would not regret on your purchase. Here is the list of numerous different yet efficient remanufactured BMW engine(s) that you will find at our company:

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1. 1 Series Engines

This design or series was introduced in year 2004 inside the compact sports car. At our place you will find all eleven different models of this series that will provide you same efficiency as new ones. Initially when its first engine was introduced in the market it was a 4 cylinder design that generates 113 horsepower and can easily touch the maximum speed of 120 mph.

2. 3 Series

In entire BMW 3 series is an entry level luxury model engines that comes in both 4 cylinder design and straight 6 as well. But if you are looking for twin turbo technology in 3 series then you will get disappointed as it does not come in this series. The 316i and 325i is two well known models in which 3 series engines has been used and become a success.

3. V8

We have all the versions of BMW V8 series engines ranging from its first model of year 1996 to the power plant of V8 engines introduced in M62 model. All you need is to put your requirement ahead and we will further process it with our best quality used BMW engines for sale.

There are several other BMW gasoline piston and diesel piston engines like V10, V12 and V16, straight 4 and straight 6 that are not only available in cost effective manner but also with high quality parameters. We Rebuilt BMW Engines in such a manner so that our customers will get the best in every perspective.

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  • Used BMW760i Engine
  • Used BMW760i Engine
  • Used BMW 840i Engine
  • Used BMW 850i Engine
  • Used BMW B7 Engine
  • Used BMW L6 Engine
  • Used BMW L7 Engine
  • Used BMW M3 Engine
  • Used BMW M5 Engine
  • Used BMW M6 Engine
  • Used BMW Mini Couper Engine
  • Used BMW X3 Engine
  • Used BMW X5 Engine
  • Used BMW X6 Engine
  • Used BMW Z3 Engine
  • Used BMW Z4 Engine
  • Used BMW Z8 Engine
  • Used BMW 528e Engine
  • Used BMW 528i Engine
  • Used BMW 530i Engine
  • Used BMW 533i Engine
  • Used BMW 535i Engine
  • Used BMW 540i Engine
  • Used BMW 545i Engine
  • Used BMW 550i Engine
  • Used BMW 630 CSI Engine
  • Used BMW 633 CSI Engine
  • Used BMW 635 CSI Engine
  • Used BMW 645 CSI Engine
  • Used BMW 650i Engine
  • Used BMW 728 Engine
  • Used BMW 732 Engine
  • Used BMW 733i Engine
  • Used BMW 735i Engine
  • Used BMW 740i Engine
  • Used BMW 128i Engine
  • Used BMW 135i Engine
  • Used BMW 1602 Engine
  • Used BMW 1800 Engine
  • Used BMW 2002 Engine
  • Used BMW 2500 Engine
  • Used BMW 2800 Engine
  • Used BMW 3.0 Engine
  • Used BMW 318i Engine
  • Used BMW 320i Engine
  • Used BMW 323i Engine
  • Used BMW 325e Engine
  • Used BMW 325i Engine
  • Used BMW 328i Engine
  • Used BMW 330i Engine
  • Used BMW 335i Engine
  • Used BMW 524TD Engine
  • Used BMW 525i Engine

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