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Used CADILLAC Engines

It was the year 1930’s when the Cadillac engines are introduced in the market with high power and great efficiency. Among all their engine models V-8s, V-12s and V-16s, L-head and monoblac are some of the popular inventions. But today the scenario is changed or you can say it has been improvised by introducing the V-8 engines of General Motors.

If you are looking for the options through that you can give new efficiency and look to your car then it would be better if you buy used Cadillac engine. At auto used engines we offer well serviced engines with complete 3 years warranty that no other provider can offer you at any cost. Moreover at our store you will get appreciable and quality service regardless the fact that whether our provided engine is within warranty or not.

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3. Monoblac

It is the most economical model that is given by the Cadillac and the unique characteristic about this engine is its crankcase and cylinder both are designed as a single unit. If you are also searching for Cadillac engine in an economical way then monoblac engine that was introduced in year 1936 in their Series 60 models is best for you in every perspective. Moreover our engineers rebuilt Cadillac engines in such a way so that you will get the benefit of both efficiency and cost effectiveness.

4. V-16

The decade of 1930’s or 1940’s has seen another biggest creation by Cadillac when they introduced the V-16 model in competition to Bugatti. Due to high cost these engines were discontinued but at Auto Used Engines you easily find some selected V-16 remanufactured Cadillac engine in appreciable condition.

All Models

These are some of the models of Cadillac engines that you can easily buy from our store besides Northstar and OHV V-8s models that are also available as used Cadillac engine for sale at appreciable price and with warranty.

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  • Used Cadillac Allante Engine
  • Used Cadillac Brougham Engine
  • Used Cadillac CTS Engine
  • Used Cadillac Cimarron Engine
  • Used Cadillac Catera Engine
  • Used Cadillac SRX Engine
  • Used Cadillac Other Engine
  • Used Cadillac Concours (2000 up) Engine
  • Used Cadillac Concours (2000 down) Engine
  • Used Cadillac Deville (1980 up) Engine
  • Used Cadillac DTS Engine
  • Used Cadillac Eldorado Engine
  • Used Cadillac STS Engine
  • Used Cadillac Escalade Engine
  • Used Cadillac Escalade EXT Engine
  • Used Cadillac Escalade ESV Engine
  • Used Cadillac Fleet Wood (1980 up) Engine
  • Used Cadillac Seville (incl STS) Engine
  • Used Cadillac XLR Engine

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