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Generally used Jeep engines are categorized as a poor quality and inefficient Jeep engines but the reality is far different. In fact, it would be more appropriate to state that performance and of course the functionality of the used Jeep engine is not less than the original and newly company-manufactured engines. At Auto Used Engine we offer high performance oriented used Jeep engine for sale that no other auto parts dealer can provide at such price.

We are into this business from last two decade due to that we have build and maintained a strong clientele of customers including both individual buyers as well as other companies. If you take a good look to our list of customers and testimonials and compare it with other providers then you will find that we not only cater the B2C market but also B2B while maintaining the same level of quality in products and customer service.

Why Us

The Auto Used Engine is known for providing the best to its customers that is why our all departments and operations are managed by the highly qualified professionals only. This ensures us that our customers are getting their product as per their requirement and suitability. Today, in the market you will find several used engines provider but if you are particularly looking for a quality oriented remanufactured Jeep Engines then visit our inventory section in first place.

You might not like the idea of buying the used jeep engines in first place but if you make a proper market research then you will find that almost every jeep manufacturing company install used engines in their brand new vehicle. So, if they can then why do not you moreover it is one of the finest combinations of cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Before buying just any jeep engine from a dealer always make an enquiry that from where they refurbished that used engine then you will come to know the reality because if you are spending even thousand dollars on used engine then you want it to be performance oriented and come with appreciable warranty coverage.

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What We Offer

We offer used Jeep engines/motors from reliable and renowned salvage yards after proper identification and verification over that we also offer three-year warranty including free shipping. If you browse our catalogue then you will find wide range in used Jeep engines and other surplus units that can be used for all kinds of Jeep applications that includes both Jeep diesel and gas engines. Save your time, money and energy by purchasing the Used Jeep Engines directly from our store from our experienced and well-qualified dismantlers. In order to avail heavy discounts on our used engines keep visiting our site on daily basis as we update our database on daily basis.


Our warranty policy is limited to our remanufactured Jeep engine only. Following are some of the considerations that as a buyer you need to keep in mind:
Any kind of modification or misuse with vehicle can void its warranty.
If you are buying used jeep engine from our store for personal use afterwards it conversion to commercial vehicle can also nullify its warranty.
Any failure of the vehicle caused by using the not-recommended parts.
Due to any accident or mishap if any part of the vehicle becomes defective then again the warranty period becomes void.

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