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It is not an easy for everyone to step-in in the market of used engines especially for those that do not have any prior knowledge on engines.This company is divided into two major divisions namely; automotive division and Financial Services division. Moreover this auto manufacturing giant has more than three hundred and forty subsidiaries and is operational in one hundred and fifty countries. As a smart buyer there are numerous things that one should consider while purchasing used Volkswagen engines:


  • 1. The year of the make
  • 2. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • 3. Mileage
  • 4. Overall performance


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Besides these aspects cost comparison must also be done before making a purchase because the market of used engines is quite vast where you will find all kinds of engines, dealers and prices. Even there are numerous fraudulent dealers as well who might sell you either defective or stolen engines. So, save yourself from such dealers and products while visiting only trusted stores. In this article I am going to tell you a few things about used engines market so that you will make an informed decision.

When it comes to used Volkswagen engines then there are numerous options that you will find in the market. Before stepping in the automobile market be certain what your requirement is and how much you can spend on used engine otherwise you will get confused. Do not jump on just any lucrative offer and always re-search on those options that seem too good to be true.


About Volkswagen Group

One of the largest multinational automotive companies Volkswagen was established in year 1937 in Germany. Company is into designing, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of wide array of automobiles including commercial vehicles, turbo machinery, passenger cars, engines, motorcycles and other related services like financing, fleet management and leasing. It is been two decades since Volkswagen has maintained the largest market share in automobile industry in entire Europe.

After the establishment of the company first car that was manufactured is now known as the Beetle. During the decades of 1950’s and 1960’s the auto production of the company grew at tremendous rate and since then it is been known for manufacturing the magnificent high performance oriented engines.

Used Volkswagen Engines in the Market

1. Volkswagen air cooled engine

This engine was in production since 1936 till year 2006 for in-house vehicles. It has air cooled boxer engine along four horizontally arranged cast iron cylinders, magnesium crankcase, forged steel connecting rods and crankshaft as well as magnesium crankcase.

2. Wasserboxer

It is an OHV petrol engine consist four cylinders developed by Volkswagen Group. The engine is water cooled hence its name Wasserboxer is given to it in German that is translated as water cooled box in English. You will find both variants in this model that are 1.9 cc and 2.1cc.

3. Volkswagen EA827 engine

This EA827 model is belong to the family of petrol engines that was first introduced in the year 1972 by Audi. Among its category it is one of the strongest water cooled engine that can give you a configuration of 4 to 8 cylinders. You can easily find these used Volkswagen engines in the market t reasonable price range.

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  • Used VolksWagen Type3 Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Van- Transporter Engine
  • Used VolksWagen- Euro Van Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Van- Vanagon Engine
  • Used VolkWagen Routan Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Scirocco Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Sedan Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Sharan Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Thing Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Golf Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Tiguan Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Touareg Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Karmann Ghia Engine
  • Used VolkWagen Passat Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Phaeton Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Pointer Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Pointer Truck Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Quantum Engine
  • Used VolkWagen Rabbit Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Jetta Engine
  • Used VolksWagen 412/411 Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Beetle/Bug Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Cabrio Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Cabriolet Engine
  • Used VolksWagen CC Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Corrado Engine
  • Used VolkWagen Dasher Engine
  • Used VolksWagen Derby Engine
  • Used VolksWagen EOS Engine


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